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Benefits of driving jobs
Flexible work schedule
Unlock the power to shape your work schedule by exploring different driving jobs. Dive into weekend or night driving opportunities, and even pick up part-time delivery jobs when you are available. Your schedule, your way.
Direct payments to the card
Exploring driving careers, such as the exciting field of taxi driving with Uber or Lyft, guarantees a straightforward financial process where your earnings are seamlessly transferred to your card, freeing you from complicated transactions.
Bonuses for extra rides
Unlock additional rideshare and delivery income with exclusive bonus offers. Explore the world of driving jobs and enjoy competitive sign-up bonuses and guaranteed payments designed specifically for aspiring taxi drivers.
Ability to combine work
Ability to combine work
Driver work in rideshare or delivery services gives you the opportunity to combine work as you like.
Driver Support
Driver Support
If you encounter any challenges, remember that support is just a message away, day or night. Our team is dedicated to assisting you around the clock, providing guidance on driving jobs and making the transition to becoming a taxi driver easier.
Quick registration
Quick registration
The fast registration process allows you to start your driving career right away. No more waiting - get behind the wheel and explore exciting driving jobs today.

Apply for a driver job : four simple steps

Sign up on our website
Sign up by leaving a request on our website, use our EarnDriver app or get back to us on WhatsApp.
Submit your data
Make sure your information is accurate by following the manager's recommendations for verification. Take the necessary actions as directed.
Get the information
Connect with our expert for deep insights or visit the Driver Hub to discover a wealth of information on various driving jobs. Learn how to start a fulfilling career as a taxi driver.
Start your work!
Start your new driving adventure with our seamless registration process and become a taxi driver today!
Requirements to get driver job
Driving license
A driving experience
You can only work as a rideshare driver after turning 21. You must have at least one year of driving experience if you are over 25 years old and at least three years if you are younger. But if you happen to be under 21 and have no driving experience, delivery jobs are an option for you.
Data and document verification
Job for drivers just requires the background check of driving experience and criminal history.If you are going to work with your own car, vehicle registration and insurance are needed. Some states may also require vehicle inspection.
Requirements to vehicle
Note that vehicle requirements may vary from state to state. However, there is still a list of the most basic :
  • Most states require the car to be not older than 10 years
  • The vehicle must have four doors and all of the seat belts
  • No damages
If the car is not suitable for age or technical specifications, delivery jobs with own car may become your option. You can become a delivery driver for such brands as Instacart, Doordash and Walmart.
А vehicle for driver job:
Make sure that your car meets the standards of the rideshare services.

Requirements may be different depending on the company or region.
Don't have your own car? Not a problem at all. Your solution is car rental

For example, for a Lyft driver job you can use a Lyft express drive; Uber has also Uber car rental with the best cars for rideshare driving jobs.

Popular vacancies

Lyft driver
Drivers needed .
Salary: up to $3,000 per month.
Requirements : Age – at least 25 years old. Driving experience of not less than three years. А clean criminal record.
Lyft is hiring drivers now to work on a rental car.
Uber driver
Drivers wanted .
Salary: $3,300 per month including taxes, assuming full-time employment.
Requirements : driving experience - at least three years and no criminal record.
Driver with his own car wanted! Job for drivers with flexible schedule and bonuses.
Driver with own car
Salary: about $20 per hour.
Requirements : driving experience - at least two years and no criminal record.
Non-cdl drivers with their own car wanted! Full- or part-time driving job opportunities are provided. Among all the available driving positions choose the one you like and start working with us!

Driver's most frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for a car for job for drivers? +
To start with, it's crucial to emphasize that requirements might differ depending on the state and the specific service. However, there's a core set of criteria that remains constant for all:
  • The car of a non cdl driver must be in good condition and without any cosmetic defects
  • Availability of personal vehicle insurance
  • Stretch limousines and taxis are not permitted
  • The car must have from five to eight seats, inclusive of the driver's.
  • The car must be a four-door
How to become a taxi driver? +
Seeking a driver job is a straightforward process: Forward your application to us, either via our website, app, or reach out to us on WhatsApp. Share your details for verification by adhering to the suggested steps. The sign-up is uncomplicated, allowing companies to understand you better. Additionally, furnish your contact information and establish a password for your profile. For further insights into the job, receive a message from our expert or explore the driver hub. Start your work!
What are the necessary documents for a job as a driver? +
We ask for the following documents from you:
  • A valid driver's license
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Insurance Supporting Documents
  • Vehicle registration
  • Proof of identity
  • Profile photo
  • Social security number
  • Proof of work eligibility
Must you own a vehicle for driver jobs? +
If you do not have your own car - it's not a problem. You can still work as a driver. Rideshare services offer a wide range of rental options. In this case, the technical service of the vehicle is at the expense of the company. If you do not have your own car or an opportunity to rent one, you can work as a motor-courier or bike-courier with such companies as UberEats, Instacart, Doordash.
Which vehicle is considered the best for rideshare driving? +
The specific make and model of the car are not critical, but it should be in good condition. In many states, the vehicle should be no more than 10 years old, although this can vary by state. Additionally, the car must be free of damage, and it is mandatory to have 5-8 seats and four doors.
How long does it take to check documents for driver registration? +
Swift data verification is our priority, taking up to 48 hours, but applications are often checked within a day. No need to wait around, and registering through the app expedites the process. Take action now and become a part-time driver!
How much is it possible to earn? +
On average, a taxi driver in the United States earns around $40,000 per year, taxes included. When "Surge Pricing" comes into play, this amount can rise. Surge Pricing increases fares during specific times, like rush hour, benefiting drivers. There's no hourly pay; drivers receive a portion of each completed ride, with the fee based on the ride's duration and location. Research suggests that drivers make approximately $20 per hour.
How is the payment to the driver made? +
Funds are transferred to the driver's card every week.
Are there bonuses for new registrations? +
Sign-up bonuses are available for all new drivers, and a guaranteed payment is ensured in the first month of work. The specific amount may vary depending on the city.
Is it possible to work as a driver on a part-time basis? +
Thanks to a flexible schedule, rideshare driver and delivery driver job can be easily combined with your main one.
What are the steps to work as a driver in both taxi and delivery? +
When signing up with certain services, you can opt to work in both taxi and delivery capacities. Uber and UberEats, for example, permit drivers to simultaneously register for both roles, offering an opportunity to boost earnings.
How to get support for drivers? +
For driver support, each service offers its own specialized teams, accessible through either chat or physical hubs, depending on the service.

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