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Requirements to shop with Instacart :
Driving license
The basic requirements for becoming an Instacart Shopper are being at least 18 years of age.
It's okay if you haven't worked as a driver before. You can learn all the subtleties of work quickly enough with the help of service.
To become an Instacart Shopper, you must be eligible to work in the US.
You are required to have permanent access to your vehicle.
Instacart Driver must be able to lift 50 pounds with or without seating.
It is very important to have constant access and cope with the efficient use of the latest smartphone (iPhone 6s / Android 5.0 or later).
The benefits of working at Instacart
Free schedule
You are your own boss and manage your time as you wish. You can also choose a full-time or part-time delivery job according to your workload.
Direct card payments
Connect to the service with your bank card to receive payments directly with it. Also you will get paid weekly by Friday but you can cash out your earnings daily.
Bonuses for additional work
Instacart shopper earnings are up to you. Take part in offers to "take" 5, 10 or more trips to get extra payouts.The registration gives each driver bonuses, which can eventually be used for monetary premiums.
Ability to combine work
Ability to work on your own or rented car
Instacart driving jobs gives you the opportunity to work even if you do not have your own car - you can just rent it.

Four easy steps to becoming an Instacart driver

Leave a request
Leave an application on the website, or write to us on WhatsApp, or download the EarnDriver app and register in it.
Get the application instructions
Follow the registration instructions in the chat.
Find out more information
Find out information about work from our specialists online or, if necessary, you can visit the hub for drivers.
Start working as an Instacart driver.
Sign up today to shop with Instacart and to speed up the registration process!

Questions & Answers

How does Instacart work for the driver ? +
Instacart is a grocery delivery service app that allows consumers to receive delivery from retailers near them who are looking for personal shopping.The driver can buy products + delivery. If a person does not have a car, then you can work as a shopper when you place an order in the store.
What is Instacart Full Service Shopper ? +
You can start by accepting a batch that you will receive with an app notification on your phone, you drive to local stores that are Instacart partners (HEB, Cotsco, Publix, Berkeley Bowl...), you shop or pick up customer orders. Then you deliver the order to the customer's location. When you qualify, you can choose the hours and schedule your delivery yourself, making it flexible for you as a courier .
What are the driver requirements to work for Instacart? +
There are the following requirements for working in the Instacart service:
    1) age at least 18 years;
      2) permanent access to a car and you must be eligible to work in the USA.
        3) ability to lift 50 pounds with or without adaptation.
          4) you must have consistent access to a recent smartphone (iPhone 6s / Android 5.0 or later) and be able to use it effectively.
          What are the car requirements for working at Instacart? +
          Have a vehicle (no vehicle inspection is required)
            There are no specific requirements for the car. The main thing is its presence. You must have a valid auto insurance. Also, since you use your car for business purposes, you should upgrade your insurance to commercial auto insurance.

            How long does it take to check documents when registering as a driver? +
            Usually, the check lasts up to 48 hours.If you want to speed up the registration process, you can do it through the application - it will be faster. Download the app and find driving jobs near you without further delay!

            Can I combine working in rideshare and delivery? +
            Yes, you can work for ridesharing apps and delivery platforms. Some services such as Uber offer you a one-time application for giving rides and making deliveries, so signing up once you become an Uber and UberEats driver. Leave an application on our website and get the information about driver job opportunities.
            How much can I earn and what is the payment to the driver? +
            If you want to know how much you will earn, you can read below the services for which buyers pay:
              1) More goods - more salary. This rate is usually around $0.40 per unit and varies by city.
                2) You will drive more miles and the number of stops - you will get more money. Mileage rates vary by city and are typically around $0.60 per mile traveled x 10 miles = $6.00.
                  3)Working during peak hours - you have a greater opportunity to earn as an Instacart driver. These are incentives that Instacart offers shoppers during busy times and in crowded areas.
                    4)Bonuses. When the demand for buyers is high, you earn more.
                      5) Tips from clients. It is important to provide friendly and prompt service. Buyers receive a 100% tip.
                        Don't forget that you have to find creative ways to save money on gas by using cash back apps, driving fuel economy vehicles, and getting free gas.
                          Instacart doesn't charge any taxes. As a self-employed person, you are responsible for paying income tax and self-employment tax only.