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Lyft Driver Jobs

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Requirements to become Lyft driver
Driving license
A background check
We will need your consent to verify your criminal background and review your driving history to your Lyft employment.
Remember to add your insurance and registration in case of driving on your own automobile. Some states will require car inspection as well.
Minimum driver’s age – 21 year
You should have at least one year of driving experience and three years if you are under 25.
Advantages of a Lyft driver job
Straight Payouts
Lyft transmits money on your credit card without any additional transactions.
Comfortable Work Schedule
There is a dream opportunity to work at any time you are most productive. You can pick out the optimal time to work as rideshare services timetable is adaptable.
Ability to combine work
Mix with your work
There is no problem in part time or weekend working driving jobs – combine it as you want and when you need! You can do delivery jobs with your car as well.
Driver Support
More Bonuses for More Rides
Sign up to our bonus suggestions for taking extra work and earn even more money or get Lyft new driver promo. Rewards are a customized program for drivers designed to help you promote your income.
Get your best car to work with Lyft
Inspect your own car in one of our Lyft hubs as auto requirements may vary by state and company.

Use a rental car with Lyft if you don't have a vehicle.

Four Steps To Apply for Lyft Services

Complete the application
Fill in the application form on our website or write to us on WhatsApp or install our EarnDriver app and sign up there.
Submit your data
Follow the advice and provide us with your data to confirm the information about you.
Get the information
Wait for a message from our specialist, read the tips about Lyft driving. You can visit the Lyft rideshare driver hub as well.
Start your work!
Start your first ride with Lyft!

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Frequently asked questions about rideshare jobs

How does Lyft for drivers work ? +
After you`ve applied, you`re given your first rides with Lyft. You get the request to transfer goods or people from one place to another via app. After the ride you can check your income and calculate your salary.
What are the tariffs to work ? +
There are 5 basic charges such as Lyft, Lux, Lyft XL, Lux Black and Lux Black XL, you can work in several tariffs, it depends on your vehicle. You can also get a higher payment in Prime Time, which happens during higher-than-normal demand. Studies show that on average our worker makes $19 an hour. For price estimates of rides in your city, check out the Lyft city page.
What is required for a driver to work for Lyft? +
Make sure you’ve collected the next documents when you’re ready to apply for a Lyft driver job: an applicable and clear driver profile photo, a valid driver's license, vehicle registration and insurance, proof of work eligibility and social security number.
What are the requirements for a car to work in a company like Lyft? +
There are some basic requirements that all eligible vehicles must meet to pass approval as a Lyft vehicle.Lyft requires that you have a four-door vehicle in good condition without any visible cosmetic damage. Two-door cars are not permitted under any circumstances.Note that Lyft requires a full vehicle inspection at least once annually. Mind that your vehicle should be ten years old or newer and be in generally good condition for the minimum rideshare tariff. During an inspection, a mechanic will take an extensive look at your car to ensure that it is running lightly and safely. If support or repair is needed, you will need to address these issues before you can begin your driver's career.

Can I work without my own car? +
Yes, you can rent a company car. In fact, Lyft offers a wide range of rental options with their all-inclusive. Lyft Rentals is the only car rental program to eliminate paperwork and waiting at the counter so you can just pick your car up and go. Also remember if you do not have a car, the costs of purchasing a vehicle can be significantly reduced by using formulas such as leasing.

How long does it take to check documents when registering as a driver? +
The process time is usually up to 48 hours. The verification process is quick as we check all the essential documents and don't delay your becoming a part time driver.Vehicle Inspection: If you’re using your own car, it will need to pass a Lyft inspection to make sure it’s road-ready. We’ll help you find a location and schedule an appointment.Background check: Safety is a Lyft top priority, so we’ll need to run a background check to review your driving history. This can take a few days to be completed.
How much can I earn? +
Depends on where you’re headed and when. Driving full-time, the average driver in the U.S. can make around $40,000 net a year (after expenses and taxes). Cab driver earnings change according to the way much time you drive and in your area.
What is the procedure of payout? +
The driver can get the income on their credit card every week. Drivers in rideshare services are paid a share of the fare for every ride that is given and doesn’t pay their drivers hourly.