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The minimum requirements for Uber driver

Зарплата Убер
Age of Uber Driver
Drivers from 21 years old can register with Uber.
Выплаты Убер
Uber accepted cars
Only 4-door cars no older than 15 years old are allowed to work.
Компания Убер
Driving experience
Drivers with at least 1 year of driving experience can work for Uber.
Бонусы Убер
Get a license for passenger transportation before you start working.
Benefits of registration for Uber driver
Комиссия Болт
Stable Earning
Earn from $2,000 per month as an Uber driver.
Индивидуальый график
Flexible schedule
Work for uber according to your own schedule. For 4 or 8 hours a day - it's up to you.
Частые выплаты Болт
Guaranteed income
When you apply for uber driver for the first time, Uber guarantees a payout in the first month of work.
Зарплата 30 000
Bonuses and promotions
Every driver can participate in a bonus program and get extra pay for 5, 15, or more rides.
Round-the-clock support
The company provides drivers with loyal specialists who are ready to help in difficult situations.
служба поддержки
Lots of orders
Uninterrupted supply of orders for drivers - as soon as the previous one is done.

Lots of fares to choose from

Standard fare that fits any car.
A fare for comfortable rides is available to drivers with a high rating.
Rides exclusively in business class cars with a courteous driver.
Cars with minivan bodywork for bookings of 6 or more people.
How to get a driver job for Uber
Messaging in WhatsApp
Register for Uber Driver in the format of online chat - especially for those who do not like talking.
Online-form on the site
Leave a request form to start working at Uber with your car.
Sign up for Uber with the app
Download the EarnDriver app to apply for a job on your own car and start working soon.

Cars for Uber driver job

The UberX fare applies to all cars no older than 15 years.

Do you have the best car for Uber? Apply for Uber and get a higher fare.
Don't have your car, it doesn't fit the requirements or it's broken down?

Connect to Uber and get help finding an uber rental. Leave a request for feedback.

Apply for a driver job : four simple steps

Sign up on our website
Sign up by leaving a request on our website, use our EarnDriver app or get back to us on WhatsApp.
Submit your data
Submit your data for verification by following the manager`s recommendations.
Get the information
To learn more about the work receive a message from our specialist or check out the driver hub.
Get Started as Uber taxi driver
Once you receive the message that your account is ready, you can accept orders!

Answers to frequent questions from drivers about job for Uber

Application process
What are requirements for joining Uber ? +
If you want to become an Uber driver you have to be at least 21 years old. You must have at least 1 year of driving experience and 3 years if you are under 25.
Have your cab license ready to register with Uber. To apply for uber driver fill in the application form.
How long does the application process take? +
Uber driver registration takes up to 48 hours to check your documents to be connected as a driver.
In some cities, you will need to go to the office to verify your documents. This can take several days or a week, depending on waiting in line.
What documents does need to apply for a job ? +
A basic set of documents for connection: passport, driver's license, license to work in a cab. Depending on the city, the requested documents may be different. Leave an application to get a consultation.

Do I need my own car for work? +
Yes, you can work on your own car. But if you don't have one and you need a fair uber rental, register with just your documents and Uber will help you find a car.

Can I find a rental car by myself? +
Of course, you can use any way to find a car. The main thing is that it has to meet Uber's requirements.

Uber earning
How much can I earn? +
All earnings depend entirely on the driver. The more trips you make, the more you earn. The average Uber driver's salary is $2,000.

What is a guaranteed wage? +
Uber guarantees payment of $200 if you earn less in your first month of work for 30 rides.

How will I get paid? +
The cash payment for the orders stays with you. In the app, you need to enter your card data to receive payments for non-cash uber driver payment every week.

How does the Uber app work? +
To get an order, the driver needs to be active. The passenger creates an order, after which the program searches for the nearest driver. In this way, you get an order nearby. When you are finished, the program will offer you the next ride.

What if I lose some documents? +
Don't worry and go to the appropriate authority to get your document replaced. After that, notify support to get a new document.

How can I get help?+
In the app, you can contact the support chat room. Leave an application to get a piece of advice before you start.

Popular vacancies

Uber Eats driver
Drivers needed .
Salary: up to $2,000 per month.
Requirements : Age – at least 18 years old. А clean criminal record.
UberEats is hiring drivers now to work on a rental car.
Uber driver
Drivers wanted .
Salary: $3,300 per month including taxes, assuming full-time employment.
Requirements : driving experience - at least three years and no criminal record.
Driver with his own car wanted! Job for drivers with flexible schedule and bonuses.
Driver with own car
Salary: about $20 per hour.
Requirements : driving experience - at least two years and no criminal record.
Non-cdl drivers with their own car wanted! Full- or part-time driving job opportunities are provided. Among all the available driving positions choose the one you like and start working with us!

Driver's most frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for a car for job for drivers? +
First of all, it should be noted that requirements may vary depending on the state and service. However, there is a list of basic requirements that are the same for all of them :
  • The car of a non cdl driver must be in good condition and without any cosmetic defects
  • Availability of personal vehicle insurance
  • Stretch limousines and taxis are not permitted
  • The car must have from five to eight seats, inclusive of the driver's.
  • The car must be a four-door
How to become a taxi driver ? +
Applying for driver job is a pretty simple procedure :
  1. Send us your request. You can do this through our website, app or get back to us on WhatsApp.
  2. Submit your data for verification by following the recommendations. It's an easy sign up, which lets companies know you a little bit better. Also, you have to provide contact details and create a password for your profile.
  3. To learn more about the work receive a message from our specialist or check out the driver hub.
  4. Get to work!
What documents are required for driver work? +
The following list of documents is required from you:
  • A valid driver's license
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Insurance Supporting Documents
  • Vehicle registration
  • Proof of identity
  • Profile photo
  • Social security number
  • Proof of work eligibility
Do driver jobs necessarily require you to have your own vehicle? +
If you do not have your own car - it's not a problem. You can still work as a driver. Rideshare services offer a wide range of rental options. In this case, the technical service of the vehicle is at the expense of the company.

If you do not have your own car or an opportunity to rent one, you can work as a motor-courier or bike-courier with such companies as UberEats, Instacart, Doordash.
What is the best car for rideshare? +
The make and model of the car is not so important. However, the car must be in good condition. Most states require a vehicle, which is no older than 10 years. Yet, it may differ based on the state where you work.

Also, the vehicle has to be undamaged. Availability of 5-8 seats and four doors is obligatory.
How long does it take to check documents for driver registration? +
Data verification is as fast as possible. It takes up to 48 hours, but usually applications are checked within a day.

You won't have to wait, and registering through the app speeds up the process even more. Don't waste your time and become a part-time driver now!
How much can I earn? +
A taxi job brings the average driver in the United States about $40,000 a year, including taxes. If there is "Surge Pricing" this amount increases. With Surge Pricing, the fare goes up because the company raises it at certain times, such as rush hour. This plays into the hands of the drivers.

There is no hourly pay. The driver receives a share of each ride carried out. The fee depends on the length of the ride and the area. According to research, a driver gets about $20 per hour.
How is the payment to the driver made? +
Money is transferred to the driver's card every week.
Are there any bonuses for registration? +
Sign up bonuses are offered for all new drivers.Also payment in the first month of work is guaranteed. The amount may vary depending on the city.
Can I work as a driver additionally? +
Thanks to a flexible schedule, rideshare driver and delivery driver job can be easily combined with your main one.
How to work as a driver in taxi and delivery? +
When registering with some services, you can choose to work both in taxi and delivery. For example, Uber and UberEats allow you to sign up to work as a driver and courier at once. It helps to increase earnings.
How to get support for drivers? +
Each service has its own support team for drivers either in chats or in hubs. It depends on the service.

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