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Become a Postmates driver in Cheyenne, WY

Sign up for Postmates driver and start earning money as a professional driver in an american company.
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Become a Postmates courier: the minimum requirements for
Driving license
Driver requirements
  • Minimum age of 18 years;
  • To work for Postmates you must have the right to work in the USA;
  • You must have an SSN;
  • You must have an SSN and the right to work in the USA;
  • A driver's license is also important;
  • The driver must always have access to the car;
  • You must always have access to the latest smartphone models (iPhone 6s / Android 5.0 or later) and be able to use them effectively.
  • verification
    Work experience requirement
    It's okay if you haven't worked as a driver before. You can learn all the subtleties of work quickly enough with the help of service.
    Car requirement
    There are no specific requirements for the car.It is only important:
  • have a driver's license;
  • car insurance is required;
  • there are no age or door requirements
  • Benefits of working as an Postmates delivery driver in Cheyenne, WY
    Set your own hours and earn money in your free time
    Many orders
    Stable Income and round-the-clock support
    Ability to combine work
    Ability to work on your own or rented car

    Become a Postmates driver: Four simple steps

    Fill out the contact form.
    To get started, you need to fill out an application on the website. If you have a desire to get help in connecting, then write to the manager in WhatsApp and you will be contacted.
    Submit your details
    To apply for a job, you must provide your data;
    Pass document verification and get the information about the delivery job
    Wait for the verification of your documents (the verification process takes up to 48 hours). Get a message from our specialist to learn more about the job and get support in the registration process.
    Get to work!
    Time to work! Become a professional delivery driver and start earning the day you sign up.
    Postmates driver work on your own or rented car
    Before starting work with Postmates as a courier, it is necessary to find out whether your vehicle is suitable for work with the selected delivery service. Please leave a request for connection and we will definitely contact you;

    If suddenly you don't have a car, but want to work as a delivery driver for Postmates on the car, then just rent a car from the company. Apply and earn as a professional driver.

    A convenient way to become a Postmates driver
    You have the opportunity to leave your contact number right now and we will definitely contact you.Don`t hesitate! Join postmates and work for yourself in a delivery company!
    Мобильное приложение
    You can ask for help yourself and write to the manager to help you connect.
    Сообщение в телеграм
    You can sign up quickly with the installed EarnDriver app. Submit an application for a delivery driver vacancy and our manager will contact you.

    Answers to frequent questions from drivers about Postmates

      1)Be at least 18 years old.
        2)Have car insurance.
          3)Have a valid social security number.
            4)Have a valid U.S. driver’s license.
              5)Be able to upload a profile photo. It should be a clear headshot.
                6)Be able to pass a background check.