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Requirements for rideshare driver Washington D.C.:
Driving license
A driver’s age from 21 year
If you're looking for a job as a driver or want to become a taxi driver, make sure you have a full year of driving experience behind you. For those under 25, the minimum is three years of driving experience.
A background check
Before you can start driving with rideshare services, they will ask for your permission to check your criminal background and verify your driving history. It's important to clarify that this check does not extend to your credit history, so it's a fundamental step for anyone who wants to become a taxi driver or is looking for driving jobs.
Taking your own car for a ride? Make sure your trip is hassle-free by carrying your car insurance and registration with you. Be sure to check state requirements, as certain areas may require periodic vehicle inspections to maintain your vehicle's safety.
Advantages of a taxi driver job in Washington D.C.
Direct Payouts
Rideshare services as Uber and Lyft offer you high paying driving jobs. Company transfers money on your credit card without any additional transactions.
Flexible Work Schedule
Maximize your efficiency by choosing the optimal working hours through the flexible schedules offered by rideshare services. Explore the world of driving jobs and consider the exciting prospect of becoming a taxi driver.
Get Rewards for Extra Rides
Increase your income as a driver by enrolling in a special program called Bonus Program. Sign up now to receive bonus rewards that will allow you to take on additional driving assignments and maximize your financial gains. Explore the possibilities and become a successful taxi driver!
Ability to combine work
Combine with your work
Dive into the world of part time or weekend driving - the perfect blend of convenience and flexibility! Take advantage of the freedom to turn your vehicle into a source of income by venturing into delivery jobs. Consider becoming a taxi driver and open up new possibilities for your driving career.

Four steps to apply for rideshare driver job

Leave a request
Complete the application form on our website or write to us on WhatsApp or install our app EarnDriver app and sign up there.
Submit your data
Stick to the recommendation and provide us with your data to confirm the information about you.
Get the information
Wait for a message from our specialist, read the advice about the position and visit the rideshare driver hub.
Start your work!
Start your first cab driving!
No own car? Rent it!
Inspect your own car as auto requirements may vary by state and company.

Use a rideshare car rental if you don't have a vehicle. Use Lyft express drive if you want to sign up for a Lyft driver job or Uber car rental for giving rides for Uber.

Frequently asked questions about rideshare jobs

What does a driver need to work in Washington D.C.? +
When applying for a taxi driver job, make sure you have these ready: a clear photo of you driving, a valid driver's license, papers for your car, proof that you can work, and your social security number.
What does a car need to do if it wants to work for rideshare services? +
Your car needs to be in good condition to qualify for the basic rideshare rate. It's suggested that your car be ten years old or newer, but this can vary depending on your state's rules. Taxi companies will inspect your entire vehicle at least once a year. A mechanic will carefully examine it to make sure it runs smoothly and is safe. If there are any issues, you need to fix them before you can start your driving career.
Which cars are good choices for rideshare work? +
Rideshare jobs are one of the best own car driver jobs. Your car only needs to meet any city or state requirements and you just need a valid driver's license and insurance. You can use different cars for work as well.
Is it okay to work without having a car of my own? +
Renting a car for rideshare and delivery is possible. Uber offers Uber car rental, and Lyft provides Lyft Express. Rideshare services give you different rental choices that cover everything. Additionally, if you don't own a car, you can save on buying costs by considering options like leasing. Apply on our website for details about rideshare car rentals.
Is it a must to have my car inspected before starting work? +
Before you start as a cab driver, make sure you and your car meet the standards of the company. Most companies have rules about your car's age, your age, driving experience, and more. Some places might have special requirements, like a business license. You can get your car inspected at a local mechanic or at the company's local office, such as Uber Greenlight Hub or Lyft Hub.
How long does it take to check documents when registering as a driver? +
The process typically takes about 48 hours. We swiftly verify all the crucial documents, making sure you can start your part-time driver role without any delays.
How much can I earn? +
Taxi driver earnings change according to the way much time you drive and in your area. Driving full-time, the average driver in the U.S. can make around $40,000 net a year (after expenses and taxes). Drivers in rideshare services are paid a share of the fare for every ride that is given and doesn’t pay their drivers hourly. Studies show that on average our worker makes $19 an hour. The driver can get the income on their credit card every week.
Is it possible to combine rideshare and delivery jobs? +
You're free to work with both rideshare apps and delivery platforms. For instance, you can join Uber and UberEats simultaneously, using your car for both rides and deliveries.


Curb Driverin Washington D.C.
Drivers needed near Washington D.C..
Requirements : Curb is hiring for local rideshare driving jobs with own or rented cars. One year of driving experience needed.
Salary : $up to $3,500 per month
Uber Driver in Washington D.C.
Uber is looking for a driver in Washington D.C., age from 21 year.
Requirements: Get a sign up bonus for giving your first rides. Drivers can work with their own or rented car.
Salary: about $3, 000 – 4, 000 per month.
Lyft driver with own car in Washington D.C.
Requirements : Rideshare drivers with their own car needed! Vehicle registration, insurance and car inspection are required to start the part time driving jobs.
Salary : about $3, 000 per month.